Be A Green Babysitter in Dubai – Activities to do with Children in Nature

Admit it, puzzles and coloring activities are fun but with winter out kids are aching to get outside! Here is a list of nature-based activities with a babysitter in Dubai in mind – they would totally require a little preparation and most of it can be done almost anywhere not to mention that they are absolutely fun and educational too. So, go ahead and show these amazing little children how they can start to be a part of this wonderful world!

  1. Nature Hiking – It entails a lot of fun with no planning to do. You just go for a walk, observe the things around you, explore and play or try to find something that is like every color of the rainbow.
  2. Fairy Garden – Go and create a space that a fairy would not resist! You can use stones, flowers, sticks and everything nice that you can imagine.
  3. Creek Hiking – So this would require a little preparation on your part since you would have to bring sneakers or galoshes and it should mean that the child should be living with a creek nearby. You’ll also have to ask the parents for permission to make sure if it would be ok for them for you to take their kids’ creek hiking and get them all wet and dirty – it would totally be worth it. Let’s find out what a creek hike really is. Well, a creek hike is literally walking in the creek, in the water and seeing the things you can observe or find – keep out for small fishes or frogs, peek under rocks and you might even discover crayfishes. Be wary, however, since there might be poisonous snakes lurking about – you can look for Dubai’s venomous snakes.
  4. Bird watching by a babysitter in DubaiBirdwatching – It is such an easy thing to do and what’s more to it is that you can  do it with or without binoculars. See the different kinds of birds you’d be able to find. You might want the child to write down what each bird looks like – you can go ahead and identify it to them later on – count how many varieties of each bird you spot; Try and imitate the sounds and calls of various birds.
  5. Flower / leaf identification & pressing – Find interesting flowers, leaves, and plants. Try to identify what they are and show kids how you can press and dry flowers and leaves in a book. You can even help them start their own journal.
  6. Rock Garden – find some cool rocks and try to paint over them or decoupage them and create a very special rock garden.
  7. Nature Stationary – Explore and find an interesting plant. You can use crayons or colored pencils to draw plants however you would want to draw them. You can go ahead and cut the drawing and glue into onto a construction paper card.
  8. Babysitter in Dubai Bug HuntingBug Hunting – There are a lot of little critters that you can allow the kids to discover. See how many you are capable of finding then identify to them the similarities and differences of each. Like which bug is a pollinator and which one is a predator.

These are only some of the activities you can do with kids while being a babysitter in Dubai. Bear in mind that preschoolers are ready for a lot of fun and engaging projects. So think about a fun and seasonal art & craft idea that involves basic learning, and a  hands-on experiment.

For parents, go ahead and book a babysitter in Dubai online right now!