Tips on Finding a Great Babysitter in Dubai

How To Find A Great Babysitter in Dubai

Surprisingly, it’s quite tough to find a babysitter in Dubai who’s available whenever you want them to be, but to find someone you can trust with your baby’s well-being and someone whom you can depend on for reliable child care? Well, it could honestly seem impossible – having to rely on child care to someone who’s basically a stranger and figuring out how much money it should cost you.

Where to start

  • Personal recommendations from family and friends

The best place to start is with a personal recommendation from family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. It practically puts you on the right track on slashing off those who cannot perform a reliable job. Of course, just because somebody recommended a babysitter to you doesn’t mean that they’re the right one for your baby. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about your potential babysitter in Dubai before scoping them out. Don’t feel pressured to hire someone just because your mother-in-law recommended them.

  • Trusted organizations

A lot of moms usually hire their babies’ daycare teachers or the people who are usually responsible for child care during services at their place of worship. Since these organizations do background checks and would require sitters to undergo specific training like infant CPR.

Plus, your child already knows them, so it would be a smooth transition when you leave them to care for your child.

  • Babysitter websites and agencies

If you still couldn’t find someone who works out for your kids, you might want to check out a sitter website like This site connects parents to babysitters in Dubai and gives you the ability to choose the services you need. Most babysitter websites also perform basic background checks to keep their clients at ease. You can also hire a local babysitter agency to do the legwork for you.

How would you know they’d be a good babysitter?A great babysitter in Dubai

Once you’ve found a few possible babysitters in Dubai, you would want to conduct an interview to see who’s the right fit for your child’s needs. Check out some questions to ask a babysitter in Dubai or Nanny, to help you figure out what to ask. During the interview, these signs will indicate that a sitter would be a good hire in Dubai:


  • Good references

Since it’s your child’s safety on the line – it’s a bit fine to be paranoid. So you should ask the babysitter for references and actually, put some effort into calling those references to see what they have to say about the person or how good a babysitter they are.

  • Proper Training

It’s an added bonus to get a babysitter in Dubai with qualifications and knowledge about CPR and first aid. After all, we all want our child to be in the safest hands possible especially during an emergency.

  • Interacts well with your child

Most parents hire babysitters after conducting an interview for a brief moment and an introduction with the baby or child. It means inviting her over for a short sitting session wherein you observe how the babysitter interacts with your child.

Bear in mind that the babysitter in Dubai should reach out to the child and seem engaged and highly at ease with them. It doesn’t hurt to trust your instincts too.

  • Your kid likes them

After the interaction session, ask your child how they felt about the babysitter since they are the ones who should feel comfortable under their care. This will give you an insight in how the babysitter has spent the time to win your kid over.

  • Shows up on time

Showing up late during an interview is a really big first sign that something’s wrong. Remember, that lateness could be a sign of irresponsibility or lack of interest on the babysitter’s part.


How much should you pay a Babysitter in Dubai?

Once you find the right babysitter in Dubai, you have to find out how much to pay them. Typically a babysitter in Dubai costs about $10 to $15 an hour. However, prices vary depending on your location, the babysitter’s experience, and your personal budget.

What should you prepare for them?

The Ground Rules

Prior to having a babysitter start, you should make sure that she knows what you expect from them so everyone would be on the same page from the start. Some ground rules include entertaining no guests in your home, no calling or texting friends while on duty and no taking kids away from home without your permission.

The Routine

Be sure to let your sitter know your child’s routine, especially bedtime hours, medication or unnecessary food. You can have them drop by one evening prior to the babysitting schedule so they can observe the routine. However if you don’t have time for that, then just give your sitter a walk-through before leaving the house.

Emergency Numbers

Lastly, your babysitter should have you and your partner’s cellphone numbers and where you’ll be in case of an emergency. You also have to provide her with a list of emergency numbers to call if you can’t be reached. Now you can go ahead and get a babysitter in Dubai today.