Babysitter in Dubai Traits

Babysitter in DubaiWhat divides a great babysitter in Dubai from the not so good ones? Well, the obvious part is a babysitter in Dubai should love babies and kids. However, there are still a lot of things that a parent has to consider when deciding if a babysitter is a right fit for their child.

A babysitter in Dubai is a Parent’s Top Assistant, so don’t forget to use “PARENTS TOP ASST” when choosing a babysitter for your baby. Bear in mind that each letter spells out an important babysitter trait.


Admittedly, all parents would want to hire a babysitter who has a good imagination. Preferably someone who can create games, activities, and crafts. No one wants to hire a babysitter who just plops their children in front of the TV. A playful babysitter personality would show parents that you are genuinely caring about a healthy, fun and active environment for babies and kids alike.


We all know that kids are highly energetic and are constantly on the move. A babysitter in Dubai would need to have a matching energy and should come prepared for all the duties that the day or night might unfold.


Reliable babysitters in Dubai are every parent’s dream.A parent would want to hire someone whom they could depend on, someone who is trustworthy, and someone who is capable of caring for their children.


Babysitting in Dubai is not an easy job. It needs preparation, confidence, and skills. Having a babysitting experience would allow you to gain the skills you need to become a great babysitter in Dubai. A parent would want a babysitter who knows how to think on their foot whenever an unplanned circumstance arises, someone who will stay coolheaded whenever a kid gets upset or injured.


A parent appreciates a babysitter who is negotiable ~ someone who can roll with the punches. Being a negotiable babysitter in Dubai would mean a number of things  than just having a flexible schedule. It involves having a fair pay rate and an easy going night watch. Being flexible will earn you a big point with the boss but you also have to make sure that you’re not underpaid.


A babysitter in Dubai is partly a tutor and part mentor since they engage children and address a concern in a constructive but unobtrusive manner and should somehow act as a role model. Babysitters in Dubai should help out in a child’s homework, you can show their parents that you care about a kid’s performance in class.


People who deal with children should be sensitive to a child’s needs and put the kids’ wants and wishes before their own. As a babysitter in Dubai, you might not want to play this game every time.Alternatively, you should do the things that make the child happy.


Being a trustworthy babysitter in Dubai is probably one of the most important traits that a babysitter in Dubai should have. Parents expect a sitter to follow the household rules.


A babysitter in Dubai should be punctual. You should be sure to let the parents know if you are running a bit late. You should give the parents a week’s notice if you will be unable to work on a regular schedule time.


Unarguably, patience is a virtue. It’s important for a babysitter to be patient since children are very active. A babysitter needs to have patience with children, remind them their homework and continue to offer gentle reminders as often as possible.


Babysitting does not involve fun and games only. You should be kind and gentle to a child and show them who’s actually in charge of the household. It is important to talk discipline with the family and learn how to handle bad behavior the way a parent would want.


It might be a necessary requirement but it would be nice to hire a babysitter who shares similar interests with the kids to make the job more fun and enjoyable for all the parties involved.


A sitter should have certain qualifications like CPR certification or a course in Child Care. So when an emergency would arise, they will be ready to help.


A sitter should always be on the go, ideally someone who won’t give up on the task. Remember, tenacity is a lifelong skill.

So, the next time you get to be interviewed for babysitting in Dubai, stress out the traits that you have, something that makes you the perfect candidate for the job. A parent would appreciate learning more about your personality and experiences so they could better assess if you’d be a good fit for their kids.

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